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Introducing Communities NOW

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“Everyone can make a difference in the life of child.”

Everyone has heard this catch phrase, but what does it really mean? We believe that neighborhoods and communities should be the first place we get to know one another, look out for the well-being of those around us, and ensure that children and youth grow up in an environment that supports them and protects them from abuse and neglect.


Communities NOW is an innovative approach built upon the belief that all people who are concerned about the well-being and safety of children can be encouraged and taught how to make a difference. Whether your community is a suburban neighborhood, urban city, or rural setting, Communities NOW provides an opportunity for participants to get back in touch with those around them, network with concerned friends, and devise support systems to help each other through difficult times.


We help local organizations implement and sustain Communities NOW through training and technical assistance. This research-supported, community-based approach is considered a national prevention initiative because of its unique focus on educating and empowering concerned citizens on the role they can have in protecting children and supporting families.


Evaluation results have shown that after completing the Communities NOW training, 95% of participants agreed that they feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to intervene with struggling parents or families. Empowering everyone to get involved early, Communities NOW helps ensure that children grow up with the healthy development they need to become stable, contributing adults.

Download the Executive Summary for the Communities NOW Cross-Site Evaluation Report – 2014 (PDF)

Download the Full Communities NOW Cross-Site Evaluation Report – 2014 (PDF)


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